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Are you confused or overwhelmed by retirement options for your business? Don’t worry—you’re not alone. In fact, about 30% of small business owners report they’re unaware of their retirement options. To help you grasp the ABCs of retirement, we’ll provide a broad overview of basic retirement paths to help you gain a better understanding of basic options to consider for you and your employees.

Ariell Johnson talks about launching her comic book shop and coffee house and pursuing different financing options to get the business off the ground.

Andrew Li and Chris Caquelin tell the origin story of their American-made clothing store and how they secured affordable small business loans through mission-driven organizations.

Heather Chung discusses searching for financing options to open her Korean restaurant and to then expand the business to multiple locations.

Maria Cruz shares how a flooded basement in her flower shop led her to take out costly loans and where she found an affordable alternative.

Many great ideas are hatched over drinks. For Josh Bennett and Will Lewis, their great idea was the drinks themselves—cider and mead, to be exact. These two Appalachia natives found each other at West Virginia University and began brewing together as a hobby. Over the years, they realized they had a good product on their hands. And with cider’s growing popularity but no other cider producers in West Virginia, they took a chance at starting their own business.

Charleen Caabay started her cooking career on the streets of San Francisco's Bay area. In 2012, she opened Kainbigan, a pop up restaurant in Oakland that served Filipino food. Its popularity among foodies encouraged Chef Charleen to open a more permanent brick-and-mortar spot, which she established in 2013.

Maria Harrington opened Casa de Español in downtown Sacramento in 2011 to pay homage to her Mexican heritage. The school, which offers Spanish classes to children and adults soon outgrew its original space. Harrington found a new location, which would allow her to add a Spanish immersion preschool, an after-school program, and a weekend center for children; a library with Spanish-language books; a new outdoor location for meetups; and continue to grow the school’s expanding enrollment.